Southwold to Walberswick Circular Walk

May 30, 2023

Southwold to Walberswick Circular Walk

Introduction and where to park

No stay in one of our holiday cottages is complete without a visit to Southwold, one of the gems on the Suffolk coast. 

However, whilst Southwold is ever popular, Walberswick, its quiet, much more subtle neighbour across the river should not be overlooked.

With this walk, you get to visit both towns whilst experiencing something the average visitor doesn’t enjoy.

This is one of our favourite walks, it’s great whatever the season and can be adapted and extended to suit. You get to take in the local scenery and as much or as little of these pretty seaside towns as you wish.  It is also perfect in the summer months when Southwold can be very crowded. 

The river Blyth and Southwold harbour. Dog friendly self catering accommodation on the Suffolk coast

Where to park and where to start...

You can start this walk at any point along the route but we like to start from the bottom of Southwold Common, by the allotments.

To park, as you enter Southwold, turn right opposite the Blyth Hotel and follow the track down to find a car parking space. The Common will be to your left and the allotments and Reydon to your right.

Begin the walk by continuing along the track by foot. This is the track of a disused railway line that used to run between the towns.

The track brings you out at the rear of the golf course where the view opens up over the marsh towards the river Blyth and the Bailey bridge. Continue straight to the bridge.

Cross over the bridge and continue straight towards Walberswick.

You will notice the riverside path on your left which is the return leg of the walk.

Riverside path along Southwold harbour. Dog friendly oliday cottages on the Suffolk Coast

The path continues straight across the marsh for a while before heading into heathland.

... heading into Walberswick

If you continue straight along this path it will join the main road leading into Walberswick. take this option if you prefer firmer footings.

However, we prefer to take a footpath around the back of Walberswick village where you get glimpses of the beautiful houses and of the river and estuary on the left.

To take this route, look out for a footpath sign on the left just before you reach the first house.

Continue along this footpath until you reach a lane and turn left again following the quiet lane to the village green and the heart of Walberswick.

Walberswick green. Dog friendly self catering accommodation on the Suffolk coast

Walberswick has a good choice of refreshment stops with a tearoom, a cafe, a deli, and two very good pubs.

Our favourites are the Walberswick tea rooms and The Bell, both serve delicious food and have outdoor seating for the good weather days.

...heading home

Southwold to Walbersick ferry. Dog friendly self catering accommodation on the Suffolk coast

After you refreshment stop you have a choice of return routes.

You can either take the foot ferry across the river to Southwold Harbour. Then from here, you can head along the beach and into the town before returning to your car.

Or you can follow the riverside footpath on the Walberswick side up the river back to the Bailey bridge where you pick up the track back to your car.

To end..

This walk from Southwold to Walberswick along the old railway line and Bailey Bridge is an enchanting experience that immerses you in the captivating beauty of the Suffolk coast.

You get to take in the serene landscapes of the River Blyth, the quaintness of Walberswick and as much of Southwold as you wish.

Whether you’re a nature lover, or simply seeking a peaceful escape, this coastal walk is sure to leave an indelible mark on your heart and memories to cherish for years to come.

So, lace up your walking shoes, pack your sense of adventure, and embark on this delightful exploration of Southwold to Walberswick.

Southwold. Dog friendly holiday cottages on the Suffolk coast