Pakefield to Kessingland circular walk

July 18, 2023

Pakefield to Kessingland circular walk

Pakefield to Kessingland walk from our dog friendly holiday homes on the Suffolk coast


This walk is a must-do during any stay in one of our holidays homes. With the beautiful Pakefield beach on the doorstep of all of our cottages, it makes the perfect coastal ramble. This route is also very popular with local dog walkers. 

The walk to Kessingland village itself is around 2 and 3/4 miles and takes around one and a half hours each way. At Kessingland you be able to have a refreshment stop at either The Waterfront cafe (closed on Mondays) or The Sailors Home pub.

However, for those just looking to stretch their legs, walking to Kessingland point, (the spit) and back is rewarding and enjoyable in itself.

It’s important to note that you must check the tide times before embarking on this walk. At high tide, it’s not possible to get past the recently added sea defences below the caravan park at Pakefield.

Pakefield to Kessingland walk from our dog friendly holiday homes on the Suffolk coast

Start at Pakefield beach

To begin this walk first check the tide times, and then head down to Pakefield beach. All of our holiday cottages are just a few minutes walk away from the beach.

Once on the beach start walking south (towards the wild end of the beach). Follow the shore along until the beach starts to curve round to the spit. Be sure to keep some distance from the sandy cliffs which are prone to erosion.

In the summer months look out for the sand martins nesting in the cliffs. It is also common to spot the odd seal near the point.

Kessingland to Pakefield walk from our dog friendly holiday homes in Pakefield on the Suffolk coast

Choose your path

As you approach the spit (where the beach sticks out into the sea) you need to pick your route. You can either continue along the shoreline or walk through the dunes under the cliffs. Keeping to the shoreline is the longer route,  but if it’s low tide, it might be easier underfoot.

The more direct route to Kessingland is to cut across the dunes under the cliffs where there is firmer ground.

Kessingland to Pakefield walk from our dog friendly holiday homes in Pakefield on the Suffolk coast

To Kessingland

If you take the route through the dunes be sure to look about for the special flowers that thrive here. Look out for the wildlife too, there are often buzzards soaring above and rabbits running across the dunes. The dunes also provide the perfect nesting place for Little Terns (there is a fenced off area to protect the nests). The common plover and turnstones are also often seen scurrying across the sand and shoreline.

Kessingland is a site of great interest for archaeologists as the crumbling cliffs regularly expose fossils from the Jurassic period and even Palaeolithic and Neolithic implements. During the early part of world war two anti-tank defences and gun batteries were put in place in Kessingland to help protect the coastline and the south of Lowestoft, the remains of some of them can still be seen today.

The Waterfront Kessingland | Luxury dog friendly holiday homes


The beach reflects the original fishing village character of Kessingland, with the fishing boats still drawn up onto the beach,  The village pub, The Sailors Home, provides a central feature close to the beach. The beach Guardian and village community take considerable pride in their beach, providing an effective early warning system for any potential problems.

Notable author Sir H Rider Haggard spent his summers at Kessingland, often visited by his friend Rudyard Kipling. Haggard famously wrote ‘King Soloman’s Mines’ and the classic novel ‘She’, which sold 83 million copies when it was first published and is considered one of the best selling books of all time. Rider Haggard Lane in Kessingland pays tribute to the author.

The Waterfront , pictured above, is a popular cafe/restaurant. Locally famous for its Paella nights every Thursday in the summer. Bookings are recommended here as table numbers are limited.

Walk to Kessingland from Pakefield from our dog friendly holiday cottages

The Return Leg

After refuelling and resting at Kessingland, you can return by taking the shoreline or the dune route back to Pakefield. Alternatively, you can take my preferred route home along the cliff top. This route provides you with a great vantage point of the expanse of beach and dunes below, it’s a stunning view.

To take this route, return along the promenade at Kessingland heading north towards Pakefield. Take any of the steps leading up to the cliff top (I normally take the first set). Turn right and follow the footpath along the cliff edge. 

The footpath leads you into Coastguard Lane. At the top of Coastguards Lane turn right and follow the lane until it turns into a footpath. Continue in this direction when you reach Green Lane which leads you out of the village. 

Walk to Kessingland from Pakefield from our dog friendly holiday cottages

At the end of the Lane you will find a footpath on your left leading into a wooded area. Follow this path until opens out into fields. At this point, take the footpath turning right.

Follow this footpath along the edge of the field until you meet the cliff edge. Here you will get an opportunity to take in the beautiful expanse of the dunescape below. 

You will then reach a perfectly placed bench at the top of some steps down to the beach. Here, not only can you take a moment to take in the views you also have another choice of the route home.

The first option is to take the footpath left leading to the road. You can then turn right and follow it back into Pakefield. This is ideal for those preferring firmer ground underfoot. This route is also an alternative if it’s now high tide. Remember: at high tide, it is not possible to walk past the sea defences under the caravan park at Pakefield. You can check tide times here.

If it’s not high tide, you can take the steps down to the beach and turn left through the dunes and along the beach back to Pakefield.

Kessingland beach circular walk from our dog friendly holiday homes in Pakefield


This spectacular circular walk introduces you to the untamed beauty of the Suffolk coast without having to get in your car. Starting from Pakefield with a perfectly timed pit stop at Kessingland, it’s the great way to spend the day. 

It offers nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers an idyllic journey through breathtaking natural landscapes. There is also an abundance of wildlife waiting to be spotted.

Whether you seek tranquility, an opportunity to reconnect with nature, or simply wish to savour the wonders of the British seaside, this enchanting walk promises an unforgettable experience.