Covehithe and Benacre Circular Walk

July 11, 2023

Covehithe and Benacre Circular Walk

Covehithe church | 5.5 miles from Pakefield | Suffolk Coast | Luxury dog-friendly self-catering accommodation on the Suffolk Coast


Embark on a captivating walk through the untouched beauty of Covehithe and Benacre Broad. This walk starts in the picturesque coastal hamlet of Covehithe, with its rugged charm and historic church ruins. Walking across the fields toward the sea the first glimpse of the sea takes your breath away.  As you continue, you’ll be rewarded by the stunning landscape of Broad and Sea. The tranquil landscape of Benacre Broad is a haven for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. Prepare to be enchanted by the golden sands, grassy cliffs, and the serenity of the freshwater lake.

This walk offers a unique opportunity to experience the unspoiled wonders of Suffolk’s coastline, leaving you with lasting memories of its hidden treasures. Off the beaten track, this walk is a favourite of dog-walkers. Taking approximately 1.5 hours.

Important things to note:  Most importantly please be aware that this stretch of coastline suffers badly from erosion. Please keep a generous distance from the cliff edge and base at all times. Secondly, there are no facilities along this walk so do come prepared. 

Covehithe and Benacre walk | Luxury dog friendly holiday cottages

Where to park and where to start

You know when you have arrived in Covehithe as the skyline is dominated by the magnificent St Andrews church.

There is no designated car park at Covehithe so park respectfully on the grass verges at the edge of the hamlet. Once parked, follow the lane towards the church. It’s worthwhile taking a moment to take in the stunning remains of this medieval ruin.

Continue on the disused lane until you pick up the footpath to the left.

Covehithe and Benacre | Luxury dog-friendly self-catering accommodation on the Suffolk Coast

Benacre Broad

Follow the footpath north across the fields, keeping a generous distance from the cliff edge. The path leads you gradually down to Benacre Broad and Benacre National Nature Reserve.

There is a bird hide which offers the perfect spot to take a seat and take in the stunning vista of the broad and the beach.

For the wildlife enthusiasts there are over 100 breeding bird species that use the reserve. Look out for marsh harriers, bearded reedlings, water rails, a variety of ducks, and, in some years, bittern. Little terns are summer visitors to the shore and the heathlands are home to woodlark, wheatear and hobby.

A typical Suffolk Coast shingle flora is found along the shore, with yellow horned poppy, sea kale, sea holly and prickly saltwort. The northern dunes support extensive areas of sheep-bit and the rare grey hair grass.  The reedbeds support marsh sow thistle, marsh mallow and golden dock while on other parts of the reserve you can see wild daffodil, climbing corydalis, orpine and greater broomrape

Covehithe beach | 5 mins from our luxury dog friendly holiday homes on the Suffolk coast

Covehithe Beach

When you are ready to tear yourself away from the beauty of Benacre broad, turn right and head south along the beach. Continue along the beach keeping well away from the bottom of the cliffs. 


Covehithe beach | 5.5 miles from Pakefield | Luxury dog-friendly self-catering accommodation on the Suffolk Coast

Easton Broad and the return leg

Gradually the iconic Southwold landmarks of the pier and lighthouse will come into view.

Then you will reach Easton Broad where the cliff has worn away. Here you can pick up the footpath back to church. The footpath heads north before winding across the fields and bringing you back to Covehithe.

Covehithe St Andrews Church | Just 5 miles from our luxury holiday cottages on the Suffolk coast


Embarking on the circular walk through Covehithe and Benacre Broad is an experience not to be missed.

This captivating walk allows you to reconnect with nature, immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Suffolk coastline, and uncover hidden gems along the way. From the rugged charm of Covehithe Beach to the serenity of Benacre Broad, every step offers a new discovery and a sense of wonder. 

Whether you’re seeking solitude, a chance to observe diverse birdlife, or simply a peaceful escape from the everyday, this circular walk has it all. So, lace up your walking shoes, breathe in the fresh sea air, and let Suffolk’s coastal wonders unfold before you. This unforgettable adventure will leave you with a profound appreciation for the untouched beauty of Covehithe and Benacre Broad, and memories that will last a lifetime