Suffolk Wildlife Trust Mural Trail

June 18, 2024

Suffolk Wildlife Trust Mural Trail


ATM, the celebrated street artist featured on BBC Springwatch, has brought his stunning wildlife art to the Suffolk Coast, with a series of murals in and around Lowestoft and Pakefield. These murals, part of the Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s initiative, celebrate local wildlife and can be explored through a dedicated mural trail. Staying in one of our holiday cottages along the Suffolk Coast provides the perfect opportunity to explore these beautiful works of art.

The Wild Mural Trail

The Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s mural trail features several of ATM’s captivating pieces. This initiative aims to raise awareness about local wildlife and conservation efforts. Each mural, strategically placed around Lowestoft, highlights different species native to the area, creating a visual and educational journey for residents and visitors alike. The trail not only beautifies the urban landscape but also fosters a deeper connection between the community and the natural environment.

Marsh Harrier - SWT ATM street artist BBC Springwatch Mural trail Lowestoft

1. Marsh Harrier

Marsh Harrier

Location: Smith’s Timber, 2 Victoria Road, Oulton Broad NR33 9LH

Description: Depicts the majestic marsh harrier, highlighting the bird’s connection to the Carlton Marshes.

Photo: Kevin Coote

Barn Owl - SWT ATM street artist BBC Springwatch mural trail Lowestoft

2. Barn Owl

Location: Lowestoft Tandoori, 176 High Street, North Denes NR32 1HU

Description: A stunning mural of a barn owl, placed prominently opposite a petrol station.

Photo: Kevin Coote

Kingfisher - SWT ATM street artist BBC Springwatch mural trail Lowestoft

3. Kingfisher

Location: Near Bascule Bridge, Angel Hair, 11 Station Square NR32 1BA

Description: This vibrant mural captures the kingfisher, a common sight along Suffolk’s waterways.

Photo: Kevin Coote

Norfolk Hawker - SWT AMT street artist BBC Springwatch mural trail Lowestoft

4. Norfolk Hawker

Location: 17 Rotterdam Road NR32 2EU

Description: A detailed depiction of the Norfolk hawker dragonfly, located between an industrial estate and a train station.

Photo: Kevin Coote

Bittern - SWT ATM street artist BBC Springwatch mural trail Lowestoft

5. Bittern

Location: Bittern Green, NR33 8PH

Description: Near the entrance to Carlton Marshes, this mural celebrates the elusive bittern.

Photo: Steve Aylward

Watervole - SWT ATM Street artist BBC Springwatch mural trail Lowestoft

6. Watervole

Location: Inside Carlton Marshes Visitor Centre, Burnt Hill Lane, NR33 8HU

Description: Found within the visitor centre, this mural emphasizes the importance of water vole conservation.

Photo: Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Heron - SWT ATM street artist BBC Springwatch mural trail Lowestoft

7. Heron

Location: Lowestoft Library, Clapham Road South, NR32 1DR

Description: A graceful heron, integrated into the library’s facade.

Photo: Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Kittiwake - SWT ATM street artist BBC Springwatch mural trail Lowestoft

8. Kittiwake

Location: Northfield St Nicholas Primary Academy, St Margarets Rd, NR32 4HN

Description: Celebrates the kittiwake, a seabird commonly seen along the Suffolk coast.

Photo: Suffolk Wildlife Trust


Visitors can explore these murals by following the Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s mural trail. This 5.5-mile walking route is ideal for those staying in nearby our holiday homes, offering a blend of artistic and natural beauty.

For more details and to download the trail map, visit the Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s Wild Mural Trail page.

Experience the charm of the Suffolk Coast while enjoying ATM’s inspiring wildlife art, perfect for enhancing any coastal holiday. Book your stay in one of our beautiful holiday cottages today and embark on this unique artistic adventure.